Credits Continued
Top of Credits
Television, Movies, Jingles ,Theater Appearances, and Educational .
2007 Producers Guild Awards                    
2006 American Music Awards with Jamie Foxx 
2004 TV Land Awards Show                      
Aretha Franklin Grand Marquis Commercial  2002-2003         
The Merv Griffin Show                        
Royal Command Performance for the Queen of England
The Richard Simmons Show (Theme)  
James Brown & Friends (Aretha Franklin & Joe Cocker)
The Johnny Carson Show                          
Command Performance for Bill Clinton (President)
The Jack Jones Show                                 
Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
The Rodney Dangerfield Show                  
Day By Day
The Tim & Daphney Show                         
The Milk Advisory Board
The Mike Douglas Show                            Proline
The American Cinema Awards                   Diet Coke
12 Black Achievement Awards                   Ford Motor Co.
12 Black Filmmakers Awards                     S&W Fine Foods
12 Black Image Awards                              Cheerios
10 Miss California Beauty Pagents            Dreamgirls
The Jerry Lewis Telethon                            El Camino
The People's Choice Awards                       Apple Computers
The Night of 100 Stars                                 Worlds of Curls
The Muhammad Ali TV Special                  Coors Beer
The Martin Luther King Special                 Taco Bell
The Unmarried Woman ( Film)                    Coke
The Danger Team                                        American Airlines
The Grammy Awards                                   Betty Cocker
Blue Thunder                                                Sears
Dr Detroit                                                     Bank of America
All That Jazz                                 
Major Dad (TV Series)
Jack of All Trades (Film)
Bass Administrator at Dick Grove School of Music
Bass Faculty at Bass Institue of Technology
Clinician for the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz
Adaptec & Roxio Advisor
Conductor & Bassist for Lengendary Ben Vereen ( Current ) 
Aretha Franklin Grand Marquis Commercial 2002-2003
California State Certified Teacher for Music,Computers, and Mutimedia
Los Angeles Recording Academy ( Lecturer )
Washington Prep High School  ( Lecturer )